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11502 Tanner Rd
Houston, Texas 77041
Ph: 832-755-7475
Fax: 281-463-4359
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PC Disposal

HCRC Specializes on recycling all types of electronics, including PCs, communication equipment and cellular phones.

Houston PC Recycle

HCRC Operates a facility where we collect electronic equipment, classify it and prepare it to be recycled.

Electronic Equipment Disposal

Houston Computer Recycle Center

Houston Computer Recycling Center

Your One-Stop Recycle Center for scrapping Personal Computers, Parts, and other PC Components

What We Offer


We come to your location and pick up all your discontinued computers and electronics you would like to recycle. *90% of the time services are free!


We remove all tags and destroy the hard drives as you can see on the video.


HCRC dismantles by hand every unit to ensure the recycle service is complete. With this process we ensure every unit well be recycled.


We provide a certificate of destruction and recycle if requested.

We Recycle, Refurbish and Reuse

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